What is a rescue Scottish Terrier?
  • Rescue Scotties are basically dogs that do not have a home. Some of the dogs are found and turned over to the police; some are rescued from humane societies where an owner who can no longer keep them has placed them. 
  • Some come from a home where the owner has died, and some are given to us directly by owners who no longer want their dog.
  • Many of the dogs that come to Rescue have come from casual or commercial breeders. (They do not take their dogs back).
  • They can be any age, and in just about any condition. The dogs are generally 3-4 years old. We rarely have puppies come in.

What services will the dog have from the Rescue Organization?
  • We never know what is coming to us next. We check each dog before notifying the applicant that a dog may be available. 
  • When placed, the dog will be current on immunizations and on preventative for heartworm.
  • Dogs who cannot be placed because of severe chronic illness or an absolutely terrible temperament are euthanized.
  • All dogs are heartworm tested and micro chipped prior to placement.

What are the responsibilities of the new owner?
  • The new owner is responsible for spaying/neutering the dog within two months of placement if this has not already been done. 
  • The person who adopts a rescue dog needs to be someone who will work with the dog and have a lot of patience. 
  • Some of the dogs will not be housebroken. 
  • Some have been mistreated and may be very shy initially, but being Scotties, they do come around and should make their new owner very happy.

How does placement of a rescue work?
  • Preference in placement is given to applicants who can be flexible about the age, sex and color of the dog. 
  • We try very hard to match the dog with the new owner so that the Scottie will have a permanent new family. 
  • We will not place a rescue dog in a home with very young children since children tend to pull ears, tails, etc., which can create problems when a dog has not been socialized to children. 
  • We are also very careful when placing a dog with someone who is elderly unless they have a family member who is willing and able to assume the responsibility for the dog if it becomes necessary.
  • While it is the policy of the Illinois Scottish Terrier Rescue to take back the dog in the event that you are unable to keep it, we do not place dogs in homes on a trial basis. 
  • We really like to place a dog in a home where the family has or had a Scottie previously and has a fenced yard.
  • I suppose that the bottom line is that all of us in Rescue try to do as good a job in placing a Scottie that we have rescued as we do when placing a Scottie pup that we have bred. 

What organization is doing this rescue and are there any fees?
  • We are members of the Illinois Scottish Terrier Rescue and part of the Rescue Network across the United States.
  • A donation of $200.00 for spayed or neutered dog; $150.00 donation for non-spayed or unneutered dog, and $275.00 for a puppy up to six months of age, payable to (IL ST Rescue) is expected at the time of placement. This fee helps defray costs incurred with the rescue dog.
  • A reduced donation rate is available for Senior Citizens who adopt a Scottie eight years of age or older. 
Illinois Scottish Terrier Rescue 
We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
Rescue Scotties are basically dogs that do not have a home.
Application for Scottie Rescue

 Scottie Rescue Questionnaire 

Both should be filled out and mailed to the Rescue Coordinator:

Sue Severtsen
 Illinois Scottish Terrier Rescue Chairperson
6908 S. IL. RT. 23 
Marengo IL 60152


If you still have questions, feel free to contact Sue at (815) 568-8872 or via e-mail at the address below.
Rescue Email:

If, after reading all of the above you are still interested in the rewards and responsibility of adopting a Rescue Scottie, click below on the Application for Scottie Rescue and the Scottie Rescue Questionnaire. 

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