Are you interested in adding a Scottie to your family?

You want your own wonderful, independent, loving and stubborn dog!

You think you’re ready? Ask yourself the following questions:

Is the dog to be a companion or is it to be shown?
Do you expect to breed this dog?
In what area do you live?
Are you willing to travel to get a dog?
Must the dog be a specific sex, color or age?
Do you have a fenced yard?

Scottie puppies aren’t cheap! Prices vary according to the area of the country. The price for a quality purebred pet puppy in the Midwest is usually less than the prices on the east and west coast. That said, Scottie puppies are not inexpensive and the price should be discussed with the breeder.

Still want to go through with it? If you’ve asked yourself the above questions and are sure that you know the answers and can satisfy the breeder we refer you to, send an email to our Breeder Referral contact.

This is a public service. We are not endorsing any breeder nor the dogs produced by any breeder. The Scottish Terrier Club of Chicago Inc., does not provide referrals for stud service.
Thank you for your interest in Scotties! If you are looking to be referred to a breeder of Scottish Terriers, please fill in the form below.

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